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Here is a list of preferred gluten free products I love and that have been recommended to me and where to buy them in Ireland. As you'll notice, I mostly list gluten free products that are made in Ireland by amazing artisanal food businesses, with the exception of some very obvious big brands that I feel are worth noting. 

Do you know of a great gluten free product I don't have listed yet? Let everyone know and leave a comment! Don't keep your gluten free find a secret - share! :)

Very Useful Resource:

The first place you want visit to get an idea of what gluten free products are available to Irish consumers is Ecodirect - The Gluten Free Shop They sell  a wide range of dedicated gluten free products online. In fact, they only sell gluten free products and nothing else. There is no need for me to list gluten free products when they have already done so in a very conveniently laid out structure (no point in reinventing the wheel!). Some of the brands they sell are more or less available in all the main supermarkets around the country, however, the convenience of Ecodirect is unparalleled. Delivery within Ireland is only €5.99 and extremely prompt. So if you truly want a detailed listing of what you can get your hands on that is gluten free, this is where you go. They have a facebook page that you can follow too where you can keep up to date with new arrival of stock. You can also visit their walk-in shop in Dublin. Again, all details for Ecodirect can be found at their website here:


Hale & Hearty Check their website out for some brilliant  recipes and info. I cannot recommend this brand enough! They do such a wide range of gluten free products and I absolutely adore them. What makes this brand sing is the taste factor. You can find them in  Avoca stores, Tesco, Dunnes - pretty much anywhere and health food stores around the country. Also, if you're ever across the border, you can easily pick up their products in Sainsbury's, Asda & Waitrose. You can also check them out on facebook

Juvela Their website not only has information about their products, but it is very informative about living as a coeliac, they even offer prescription advice for their products for the Irish Republic They are quite frankly a fantastic brand. You used to be able to buy their all-purpose flour mixes in Superquinn and Dunnes, now you have to get it through the Chemist. Unicare pharmacy and Boots are most convenient, but most chemists will stock this product. They stock four different types of flour one is Gluten-Free White Mix and Gluten-Free Fibre Mix, which is actually deglutenised flour. I love this mix and baking with it is a dream. I do not have a wheat allergy, so I can use this product.  However, if you suffer from both a wheat and gluten allergy, they also supply an Harvest White Mix and an Harvest Fibre Mix which are both wheat and gluten free. The other products they have available can be found in major supermarkets around the country. Again, I recommend popping across the border, as there is an even wider range of their products in the supermarkets up North.

Dietary Specials - A great brand that can be found in Dunnes, Superquinn, SuperValu and Tesco. Their cereal and brown and white ciabatta rolls are fantastic and they have such a wide range of food to choose from. A staple to any gluten free diet. Check out their website, not only does it have useful information about being a coeliac, coeliac awareness and great recipes, but it also has great support and help on their forums and blog.  Feel free to drop by their facebook page here:

Genius Bread - A great alternative to the 'real' stuff. They have a white and brown bread available and you can find them in all the major supermarkets. They also have a handy download pdf list of where you can find their brand if you're not near any of the major retailers. The link for the list is They can also be found on facebook too and their main website is

SuperValu is epic! A gluten free shop is a must if you have a SuperValu near you. They stock most major gluten free brands, but what makes them so special is that they also supply local gluten free food/desserts made by local artisanal bakers. I love how SuperValu support the local Irish producers. So get yourself to a SuperValu and see what they have to offer you today! 'LOVE Irish Food' :)

Lets hear it for Marks & Spencers! They have an incredible range of their own-brand 'Made Without Wheat' gluten free products (I'm extremely partial to their lemon cake) and when shopping there you'll notice that most of their products are in fact, gluten free, right down to their sausages. Except for the 'obvious' things like their crumble mixes and breads, Marks & Spencers is a great place to do a gluten free shop. Have a look, you'll be surprised what you can pick up there.

Tesco also has a decent enough 'Free From' range as well, which is pretty tolerable. The cheese crackers are good and the pizza bases aren't too shabby either. There is also a pretty decent info page about coeliac disease in general found on their site here:

Mrs Crimbles has got to be a favourite of mine. I found this brand initially through Dunnes Stores where they were selling their plain macaroons. They have a brilliant range of products that seem to be ever-expanding. So far, everything I've tried from them has been nothing but delicious. Go on, treat yourself and get yourself some Mrs. Crimbles goodies! They can also be found on facebook - Mrs Crimbles can be found in all major grocery stores and a lot of convenient stores too.

Livwell  Kelkin 
These brands are available in all the major supermarkets. These gluten free products can be good, but I find that some of their muffins or pastry and bread based products can taste stale.

Sainsbury's has a great 'Free From' gluten-free range. If you're up north of the border, it is worth picking up their oats, granola mix and tasty pastry and dessert treats.

Recommended by Tony: "The Asian Market on Drury Street, Dublin. They have a huge variety of spices, seasonings, seeds and nuts at a fraction of the price you'd pay in supermarkets. What's more, even at the cheaper prices, you usually get many times more in the bag than you would when buying in the local Tesco, etc. They stock a vast selection of noodles, including rice noodles, again in packs that will keep you going for quite a while. You can get large bags of pretty much any kind of rice (sack of spuds size!), and once again, for really cheap prices when compared to the supermarkets. If you're a sushi fan, you'll find sushi rice, and plenty of dried seaweed sheets so you can make your own nori rolls at home. I can't remember offhand, but they may stock tamari (gluten free soy), and they also stock shao hsing (rice wine, a splash of which transforms a stir-fry/noodle dish) which I'm pretty sure is gluten free, but worth checking the bottle."

Aine Hand Made Chocolate is an incredibly delicious, hand made chocolate by Master  Chocolatier, Ann Rudden. This award winning chocolate is a phenomenal product and gluten free to boot! The best thing about this chocolate is that it's Irish - 'LOVE Irish food' :) I know that it can be bought in Avoca shops, Fallon & Byrne (Dublin), various cafés and food halls around the country. When you see it, buy it - you won't be disappointed. Nom.

Recommended by Saidhbh: "Nourish Healthfood Shops sells a great selection of gluten free goods, including the Doves Farm double chocolate cookies! Delicious".  They have six shops that can be found throughout the Dublin area.

The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans are a fantastic and tasty gluten free treat. Not only can they be found in most stores around the country, but they are an Irish product! 'LOVE Irish food' :) They have an online shop for your convenience and these little jelly beans are delicious and come in a wide variety of flavours, to suit any palate and satisfy any sweet tooth. Go on - indulge!

Recommended by the Katie Boo Baker and Saidhbh: "Doves Farm is a great brand with loads of coeliac friendly products and are really good value for money and a really high quality product. Great for cakes and the like!" Doves Farm products are found throughout the country in most major supermarkets, health food shops and good food galleries such as Avoca stores.  

Recommended by Sarah: "I LOVE Mary's Gone Crackers products! They are gluten free seed crackers". I know that these products can be found in Superquinn.

Recommended by Karen: "There is a lady who runs a bakery in Cork. She is at the farmers market every Thursday in Mahon Point and her food is out of this world. She makes them all fresh and her self. Her stall is called Gan Gluten and from speaking to her she is also Coeliac and is very proud of her food and rightly so. Ive had coffee cakes, bread, scones, pies etc. Fab, fab food and well worth a trip to the farmers market on a Thursday. She even makes Christmas cakes and is a wealth of knowledge. Price wise very very reasonable." 'LOVE Irish food' :) 

Recommended by Izzy: "Nibbles Food Emporium in Millstreet, Co. Cork has a fab range of gluten free produce. Eleanor Leahy bakes gorgeous brown bread, scones, queen cakes etc all from wonderful local ingredients. As well as in Millstreet, the range can be bought at Farmers Markets in Macroom, Ballincollig, Bishopstown, Douglas, and Rathmore". 'LOVE Irish food' :)

Recommended by Helen & Sinéad: "Delicious do lots of great Gluten Free bakery products". 'Love Irish food' :) You can find their products in SuperValu, Avoca shops, cafés, Tesco and decent food emporiums around the country. There is also a facebook page you can follow too

Recommended by Tony: "Knorr Stock Pots Readily available in supermarkets, you can get chicken, beef or vegetable. All are gluten free. They're jellified stock and dissolve easily in water. With stock cubes, you'll usually have to check the packet to see if the ingredients are gluten free. The stock pots make a fairly blatant point of announcing that they're coeliac friendly on the packaging, and are without doubt one of the best instant stock products out there". They can be found in every major supermarket and most convenient shops around the country.

Recommended by Sheila: "The brand is Orgran my kids are dairy free as well as gluten free and Orgran products are stress free for us :-) Couple of kids biscuits packaged nicely, loads of pastas, falafel mix, etc., available in health food shops". I do know that Orgran products are found in all the major supermarkets  and health food shops around the country.

Recommended by Emma: "Options I love to find products that are nice and just happen to be gluten free, the belgian choc and caramel are scrumptious, it's not easy to find a little gf treat that is low in calories". This product can be found in mostly all supermarkets and convenient stores.

Recommended by Emma and Garrett: "A good old fashioned fry up is something I miss and the fact that there are now two mainstream brands making gf sausages it's possible and convenient. I know it's possible to get gluten free produce from most butchers but this is a convenience issue! Hodgins is great". 'LOVE Irish food' :)

Recommended by Emma: "Young's Seafood has great frozen gluten free fish fingers that can be purchased in Northern Ireland". A great brand that can be found in most shops up north and it's just a quick hop across the border these days. Nice. I'm also told that they can be found in some Tesco shops around the country.

Recommended by Owen: "Holland & Barrett have a selection of gluten free food". (Thanks to Owen for the recommendation) Their stores are found all around the country.

Recommended by Deirdre: "My recommendation would be Dee's Gluten Free and yummy  'LOVE Irish food' :) They have a facebook page too - have a look here  These can be bought from and in select SuperValus and Centras around Co. Cork.

In their own words: "The Cake and Crumb A real healthy and tasty alternative for a Gluten/wheat free life 'Fresh Everyday.' We are an Irish family business handmaking a delicious selection of fresh GF breads and cakes, we have also developed our own range of mixes, so you can have a tasty treat on the table in minutes. We have developed a range of handmade breads and cakes for anyone who either needs or wants to make a healthier choice in their diet, we only use fresh local ingredients in our produce so that all you get is real healthy goodness with fantastic flavour, no additives, or preservatives." (Thanks to The Cake and Crumb for letting me know about their amazing products!) 'LOVE Irish food' :) You can follow them on facebook at

Recommended by Jenny: "Granny Maddocks Pantry is fantastic. She has a stall at the farmers market, Barronstand Steet Waterford on Fridays and Saturdays. She makes beautiful cakes and breads, I'm totally hooked". 'LOVE Irish food' :) Their facebook page can be found here

Recommended by Sophie: "The Truffle Fairy in Thomastown, Kilkenny is a wonderful chocolate shop that produces delicious gluten free chocolates and brownies and all sorts of treats. A delicious little shop in chocolate box colours, worth a special trip".  LOVE Irish food' :)

Recommended by Elaine: "There is a new French Gluten Free brand I have bought in Supervalu by the name of Les Recettes de Celiane They make sliced breads and a variety of cakes". I do know that these products are also being stocked in various O'Brien Sandwich Bars, and various gourmet food shops/deli's around the country.

Recommended by Rainey: "The Purple Hen make the most delicious breads cakes and tempting treats. Based in Galway, I cannot recommend them enough! She has converted a lot of people to the gluten free way of life and it's all very yummy! Eating the chocolate brownies is my little piece of heaven at the twice monthly local market!" 'LOVE Irish food' :)

Sam Mills has a great corn based pasta range that I really enjoy cooking with. I also find it the most affordable out of the range of gluten free pastas that are on the shelves at the moment. Tasty too. Make sure to keep an eye on it when cooking as it can overcook quickly - best served al dente. Sam Mills pasta products can be found throughout Ireland in most of the major supermarkets.

 Recommended by David: "I want to recommend Liz Gilhooley a baker from Athlone who caters for every dietary requirement including coeliacs as her son is one. She created a gluten free wedding cake for us which was delicious!" The Kitchen of Liz Gilhooly is an Irish family bakery business based in Athlone Co. Westmeath. They produce quality home baking using traditional baking methods. They are Wedding cake and special occasion cake specialists but also produce a wide range of jams, breads, pastries etc.  Her wonderful produce can be found around Athlone. 'LOVE Irish food'  :)

Natasha's Living Food I love, love, love her produce and her chocolate treats. It is gluten free (as well as catering to many other food intolerances) and extremely yummy. Her food is based on a diet of organically grown and/or wildly grown food. You can find Natasha's Living Food produce at these locations here and you can also follow them on facebook here 'LOVE Irish food' :)

Glór Gourmet Foods has an incredible range of delicious peanutbutter that is not only gluten free, but dairy free too. It is just so yummy. There are three different types; Natural Peanutbutter, Peanutbutter with Honey and Peanutbutter with Chocolate Pieces. Nom. Even better, their products are made in Co. Kerry - 'LOVE Irish food' :) - these wonderful products can be found throughout Co. Kerry and also in Farmgate, Midleton, Co. Cork. You can get this wonderful peanutbutter at Farmers markets and gourmet food stores in various parts of the country. If they don't stock it - try out their facebook page here: and they'll help you source a jar, no problem.

Green Saffron is (to quote from their website), 'an award winning family business based in the famous food county of Cork .' From personal experience, I can vouch that these spices are incredible and can add amazing taste to anything you cook. Plus, they're gluten free - yay! You can find where to buy their spices here: and there is also a handy link on that page that has a dowload of a list of retail outlets these spices can be found at. Of course you can buy these spices online too.

The Foods Of Athenry Oh where to begin with these absolutely delicious baked goods. They have an incredible range of gluten free foods that are just so tasty. Personally, they are the most delicious 'store bought' cookies I have ever had. I am addicted to their Snickerdoodles. The Lawless Family run this bakery and there is no added salt to any product, no hydrogenated oils and no yeast. They have gluten free scones, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, savoury crackers and they are all so good to eat. Stockists of their products can be found on their website with ever expanding availability. You can also find them currently at various farmers markets and foodie events around the country. Visit their facebook page to stay on top of all things of the award winning Foods of Athenry! 'LOVE Irish food' :)

Highbank Orchards is an organic orchard out in Kilkenny that produces the most unbelievably delicious apple orchard syrup I have ever tasted, as well as their organic apple juice. Their products can be found at the following locations: Click on the 'Stockists' link on the page. I genuinely cannot say enough good things about their brand and their standards at which everything is produced and gluten free too - 'LOVE Irish food' :)

Pure Food are gluten, wheat and dairy free foods that are made by an award winning mother and daughter team who produce a great range of cakes, breads, scones and sweet treats that are just  so good to eat. You can find their products, listed at locations on this page:  where they can be found on Facebook - they also have their own shop located out in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. 'LOVE Irish food' :)

The Gluten Free Foodie  is run by a gluten intolerant, baker extraordinaire, Dr. Denise Kelly. You can find her products  at this link here: and it is definitely worth picking up some of her tasty treats when they come in stock. You can also follow her on facebook here: 'LOVE Irish food' :)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their reviews and recommendations! This page wouldn't be as informative as it is without your contributions :)

Please feel free to let me know, by either leaving a comment below or via email (, if you have a favourite gluten free food that is not included here - I will be more than happy to add it to the page. 

Please Note: If you have a wheat allergy or any other allergies, check the labels on all gluten free products to ensure they suit your needs as some GF foods can be made from de-glutenised wheat.