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'You're what?' Is usually the response I am faced with when informing restaurant staff that I am gluten intolerant. This confused look has since spurred me to seriously look into where to eat when dining out. Here is a list of restaurants, cafés and hotels/accomodation that are coeliac friendly that I've either had the pleasure to dine in and/or stayed at, or have been reliably told about. This list is relatively short and sweet.

Of course the proof is in the pudding. If the venue claims to be coeliac friendly, but then turns out to have gluten free food available that tastes like cardboard, I will not put it up on the list. It's not good enough to just name a coeliac friendly restaurant, but to actually have some decent tasting and satisfying food for the coeliac at large. It is always recommended to call a venue in advance, even if they list themselves as gluten free friendly - as they may need notice to ensure they have the right food available for you upon arrival. This will also give you an opportunity to explain exactly what your food allergy is and to ensure the correct precautions are made in the preparation of food before you eat it.

Got a suggestion? Know of a great gluten free place to eat? Feel free to leave a comment below! Help spread the gluten free love :)
Make sure to visit Coeliac Pages for more lists on where to eat in Ireland and Gluten Free Ireland

Here is a map that shows the locations of my recommended eateries that are listed below.

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Locations listed by county in alphabetical order

Co. Antrim
  • Links View B&B - this may be listed as a B&B, yet it feels more like a boutique hotel. If you inform the owners before arrival of your dietary needs, they are more than happy to accomodate you. There is truly not enough praise I can heap on this venue and the fine people who run it. They really go out of their way to ensure that dietary needs are met and provide a full Irish totally gluten free, as well as cereals, granola, etc. A pleasure to visit.

Co. Cavan 

Co. Carlow

  • Recommended by Sheila: "The place to eat I recently discovered is Rathwood in Tullow, Co Carlow. It's a garden centre, shop, and cafe with a great kids playground and a little train for Santa or Easter trips and they always have a range of gluten free options. They gave us a 'tour' of the gluten free desserts last time we were there... I managed not to drool on them :-) A nice day trip if youre in that neck of the woods."

Co. Cork
  • Bramley Lodge is a wonderful restaurant out in Fota, Co. Cork. A delicious menu available for coeliacs. 

  • Market Lane Restaurant & Bar is the place you want to be when you're visiting Cork city. An incredible venue that has a coeliac specific menu that's almost as extensive as the 'real' menu and also caters for children who require a gluten free option. The portions are amazing value for money - the food is astounding and so delicious. The staff are incredibly attentive. Everything you need under one roof for lunch or dinner. 

  • Springfort Hall Shop & Café out in Mallow, Co. Cork has some incredible gluten free and coeliac goodies available to go. From quiches to scones - this is the place to drop by if you're looking for something tasty. They have a large gluten free clientele and their produce and their baked goods are all locally sourced and/or made on the premises. Not only that, but the  Springfort Country House Hotel will cater for gluten free visitors. Call them in advance to ensure that your dietary needs are looked after.

  • Recommended by Susan: "Fenn's Quay in Cork is a great and safe dining experience for Coeliacs who need not worry about their choice of food here. Fenn's Quay will accommodate without difficulty and source all their products locally. Comes highly recommended."

  • Recommended by Caroline: "Also Richie's Bar and Bistro in Clonakilty in Cork is amazing. Lots of GF choices and its good to know that he uses mostly local produce. He also gives great classes and will give you great pointers and tips on any kind of restrictive diet."

  • Recommended by Sinéad: "The Ambassador Hotel - good options for starters and dinner, but need some work on their desserts. The Corn Store, Coal Quay, Their website doesn't list their coeliac friendly meals but they do cater for gluten free. I can personally vouch for this place - eaten here a few times - very buzzy place, you pay a little for it, but it's a nice treat. A good lunch option is the Crawford Gallery Cafe run by Ballymaloe House staff. Lovely place, and they do a very good homemade lemonade and finally, The Quay Co-op a very good affordable option for lunch and dinner - fully veggie restaurant. A lot of gluten free options, and some of the food they use in the restaurant can be bought in their shop downstairs. I love this place."

  • Recommended by Jerry: "Currans Restaurant near North Main St., Cork - Gluten free menu, lovely pizzas & full bar :)"

Co. Derry

Co. Donegal
  • Recommended by inreb: "You have to try Rathmullan House Hotel in Donegal on the shores of Lough Swilly , gorgeous coeliac friendly food in fabulous surroundings. We had two coeliac diners in our party and both had fantastic meals. The chef is very helpful . Highly reccomended for a special occasion."

  • Recommended by Ali: "The Mill Restaurant in Dunfanaghy, Donegal is really good for we coeliacs - it restored my faith in gluten free products!"

  • Recommended by Caroline: "‎Smugglers Creek Inn in Co Donegal have a great menu and is all clearly marked which makes it even better. Well worth a try if you are in the Donegal area!"
  • The Millstone. This is a great place to go for the gluten free foodie and bang in the middle of Dublin city. Wonderful dedicated menu for coeliacs and their gluten free pizza is amazing. 

  • Fallon & Byrne. This amazing restaurant and food hall is found in Dublin city centre on Exchequer Street and has become quite coeliac aware. They now have a selection of gluten free treats available to buy at their cake counter as well as a range of gluten free bread and pizza bases and other gluten free brands in stock. A nice place to drop by and have a cup of tea and a treat for lunch /dinner or something to go. they can be found on facebook too

  • Want a crepe? Well the Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co. creperies located around Dublin city centre offer a gluten free alternative in the form of buckwheat crepes. They call them gallettes. Yum! Note: This probably has a cross-contamination issue here. Even though the menu reads 'suitable for coeliacs', double check it. It may only be suitable for those who have a gluten or wheat intolerance rather than those who have coeliac disease.

  • Hobarts in Ranelagh, Co. Dublin, have a fine selection of delicious breakfast food for coeliacs. I recommend their pancakes!
  • O'Connells in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 - have a menu that's pretty extensive and is  catered for coeliacs. They will go out of their way to  adapt their menu options for the dining coeliac. Decent food. 

  • Donnybrook Fair restaurant, grocery store and food hall is considered a bit of an emporium for the gourmand. The nice thing about it is that there are indeed gluten free products you can pick up in their food hall and they do arrange the odd gluten free cooking class as well, which can be handy. If dining in their restauarant call in advance to ensure that there is a menu available that is suitable for you.

  • Yamamori Noodles excellent Japanese cuisine found in Dublin city centre that caters to the gluten free foodie. There are a number of options on their menu that are labeled with a coeliac symbol - where the dish is either served as described, or can be altered to accomodate the coeliac diet. Fantastic food. Just ensure that the serving staff are aware that you are gluten free when ordering.

  • Kilkenny Restaurant found on the first floor of the Kilkenny Shop located in Dublin city centre, is a great place to go for a cup of tea or coffee and some decent gluten free fair. They have fresh gluten free options available daily and it is a handy location, if you're looking for somewhere central to grab a bite to eat and relax.

  • Recommended by Baris: "I moved to Dublin from the Czech Republic 3 1/2 years ago and I found it very difficult to get a gluten free lunch as Ireland is a world of sandwiches, but thanks to Itsabagel I can have a nice lunch when I am too lazy to cook, their gluten free bagels are just yummy." 

  • Recommended by Caroline: "The Port House Ibéricos in Dundrum Town Centre - I think they have one in town too. It was great to eat there  as it's a Tapas bar and there were so many different dishes to try in the one meal and not just one GF dish as per usual. Really tasty and not expensive."

  • Recommended by Blá: "Il Segreto is a great restaurant for coeliacs! I work with a coeliac, who is also a dietitian... double whammy ;) And she swears by it, we went there for her hen! Actually, she's a great person for me to gauge things by - she seems to be particularly sensitive, and is obviously aware of the health risks! I know from dinners out, she likes Dobbins restaurant (YUM!)"

  • Recommended by Deirdre: "A restaurant I'd recommend is the Chameleon on Lower Fownes Street, I have eaten there three times since being  gluten free and never had any trouble or reaction, they have a gluten free menu ( and will adapt if you want something slightly different. The waitress was careful to ensure we knew what we both could eat and what was unsafe for me." 

  • Recommended by Patricia: "One restaurant you need on your 'Eat Out' page is Saba on Clarendon Street in Dublin. It's a Thai restaurant with a menu that includes a great selection of coeliac friendly meals all conveniently labelled as such in the menu."

  • Recommended by Saidhbh: "Cornucopia vegetarian restaurant on Wicklow St, Dublin do a selection of gluten free and wheat free and sometimes dairy free main courses and desserts and they have them clearly marked on their blackboard when you walk in so choosing food is hassle free. Also Cafe Fresh in the Powerscourt centre Dublin does a big selection of gluten free desserts and cakes and as far as I know they also do main courses. They do a particularly amazing chocolate brownie which is gluten free and wheat free. Finally, I've heard that Woodstock Cafe in Phibsborough, Dublin does gluten free sandwiches and cakes. They have various things written on their windows including 'we love coeliacs' so I'll have to report back when i've tried them out!"

  • Recommended by Elizabeth: "One of my favourite GF places is the Bombay Pantry they have a number of take away restaurants around Dublin and also sell some dishes in supermarkets (I buy mine in Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt) so it's kind of an Eat out and Off the Shelf recommendation!"

  • Recommended by Bláithín: "The Gourmet Food Parlour in Swords, Co. Dublin - fabulous menu, great gluten free options and well priced! What more do you want!" 

  • Recommended by Karen: "I recommend Pasta Castello's Restaurant in Donabate Co.Dublin. It provides gluten free pizza and pasta on its menu. And for a kids, gluten free pizza is very important!!"

  • Recommended by Saoirse: "Andersons Creperie in Drumcondra is fantastic - lovely surroundings, buckwheat gallettes and gluten-free breads. Would definitely recommend for a weekend brunch!"

  • Recommended by Daithí: "Govinda's in Dublin! Great, cheap, healthy food and coeliac friendly!"

  • Recommended by Jan: "Douglas & Kaldi are fantastic for catering to ceoliacs. And once a month they do a pure gluten free only menu! My mother is a very sensitive ceoliac (1 crumb is all it takes for her to have a reaction) and it's lovely to bring her to a place and not have her think "now, what can I have" and have a huge range of options." They have four restauarants in Longford, Rathborne, Dundrum and Ongar.

  • Recommended by Yvonne: "The Rustic Stone, South Great Georges Street, Dublin. I ate here Saturday night and it was the first time I've ever been in a restaurant where I could eat almost everything on the menu - a real treat for a coeliac! Deserves a top spot on my list of eateries!"

  • Recommended by Consilia: "Roly's Bistro  Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 is coeliac-friendly. I think the head chef is a coeliac himself so they were ahead of the curve on gluten-free cooking and Credo Pizza on Montague St, Dublin 2 has a gluten-free kitchen"

Co. Galway
  • Recommended by Emma: "Cava Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar on Dominick Street in Galway has amazing food for coeliacs. They indicate on the menu what dishes contain wheat and are so accommodating to any dietary needs. They have a huge selection for coeliacs so would definitely recommend it to any visitors to Galway."

  • Recommended by Joan: "I was on a short break in Galway and was surprised that some of the well known coffee shops in Galway did not have any gluten free options on their menu. However, on a short drive to Spiddal I was delighted to find the Cruiscin Lán Hotel in has a fab gluten free bar food menu with all kinds of food including a great steak sandwich!! Went back for lunch there again the following day. Well done."

Co. Kerry
  • The Killarney Royal Hotel also offer gluten free alternatives for their afternoon tea. They don't have an online menu, but if you inform the staff of your dietary needs, they will be able to arrange some gluten free goodies for you.

Co. Kildare
  • The Bay Tree. A great café/restaurant that has some amazing gluten free food and their desserts are a real treat, located out in Athy, Co. Kildare. 

  • Fallons Restaurant & Bar, in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare, does not necessarily have a dedicated coeliac menu, but it does have specific dishes that are gluten-free and listed as such on the menu. They are also aware of cross-contamination. Really delicious food and a great place to eat.

  • Alice's Restaurant, a great café found in Naas, Co. Kildare. The staff have a complete understanding of coeliac needs and their menu is flexible to those who are wheat and gluten intolerant, as well as vegetarian! Amazing soups and sandwiches and a lovely exclusive coeliac dessert menu. The food may seem simple, but it's delicious and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I heartily recommend a visit for a cup of tea and a gluten free slice of their chocolate fudge cake. Nom. 

  • Missy Moo's, is an incredible ice-cream parlour located in Naas, Co. Kildare. They have an amazing range of delicious homemade ice-creams available and the good thing about ice-cream is that it's naturally gluten free! They  also have home baking available too with some great gluten free options and an ever expanding gluten free menu. From shakes to sundaes this is the place to be to get your ice cream fix. Watch out for those sprinkles - hundreds and thousands are made with wheat, so you'll have to resign yourself to their other toppings, such as whipped cream, nuts or their homemade chocolate and caramel sauces. No bad thing! :)

Co. Limerick
  • Recommended by Cian: "Azur Restaurant in Georges Quay, Limerick caters for ceoliacs as the sauces he uses are all made in house and are gluten free."

  • Recommended by Caroline: "I recommend the Woodlands Hotel just outside Adare in Co. Limerick , they have a fantastic menu and have clearly shown what is coeliac on it but will also adapt other dishes if you would prefer, i'm also a veggie and they are very good to me."

  • Recommended by Michelle: "I'd like to suggest Freddie's Bistro, Theatre Lane in Limerick! It's one of the city's best restaurants, (voted no1 on tripadvisor), it's intimate, affordable and most importantly has delicious gluten free meals. For a more casual dining experience in Limerick then the Sage Cafe on Catherine Street is also fab and has more gluten free delights!"

Co. Louth
  • Recommended by Emma: "I can definitely recommend Bru in Drogheda, Co Louth, not just the coeliac friendly menu but also the fantastic views over the river."

Co.  Sligo

Co. Tipperary
  • Recommended by Maura: "There is a fab country house I had the pleasure of visiting recently - The Old Convent in Clogheen, Co Tipperary. I emailed ahead to let them know of my wheat free needs and the response I got was really outstanding. When I arrived, I found gluten free macaroons available for our cuppa on arrival. The waitress at dinner (8 course tasting menu, truly fab) talked me through all the courses and checked with the kitchen to ensure it was all suitable for me. The following morning, I came to breakfast knowing that there would be bread available for me, as Christine, the owner had mailed me to let me know she would be baking some for me especially. However, what I wasn't expecting, was that there were gluten free choc chip waffles with lemon, sour cherries and maple syrup on the menu. A recipe devised especially for me!  The response I got to my particular needs was so outstanding! Also for other gluten free folks out there planning a weekend away, this place is a real find where all your needs will be looked after!"

  • Recommended by Kate: "On the catering end of things, I can thoroughly recommend Barbara Russell Catering in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and Crowe's Farm in Dundrum, Co. Tipperary We'd a massive family shindig in Tipperary last summer and we asked Crowes to provide spit roast piggies, and Barbara Russell to provide a multitude of salads - we wanted everything coeliac friendly. Every single salad Barbara Russell provided was suitable for coeliacs - and she made and prepped everything, down to the mayo herself - which significantly eased our concerns of potential cross-contamination from the use of store-bought ingredients. I dream of that food, it was so tasty. I couldn't recommend either of them more, and not only from a gluten-free perspective, but from the seriously-nom perspective :)"

Co. Westmeath
  • Recommended by David: "I want to recommend Liz Gilhooley a baker from Athlone who caters for every dietary requirement including coeliacs as her son is one. She created a gluten free wedding cake for us which was delicious!" The Kitchen of Liz Gilhooly is an Irish family bakery business based in Athlone Co. Westmeath. They produce quality home baking using traditional baking methods. They are Wedding cake and special occasion cake specialists but also produce a wide range of jams, breads, pastries etc." 

Co. Wexford 
  • Recommended by peppadoll: "The Yard Georges Street, Wexford Town is a great restaurant and caters really well for coeliacs. It's one of my favourites at the minute. Highly recommended."

    Co. Wicklow
    • Recommended by Alan: "I would recommend the Happy Pear in Greystones. They are a vegatarian fresh fruit and veg shop type deli type restaurant and are brilliant. They are vegetarian and while not an exclusively  coeliac eatery, coeliac's are well catered for."

    To everyone who submitted their reviews and recommendations - THANK YOU! This page wouldn't be as great as it is without your input :) 

    Please feel free to let me know if you have a favourite venue that is not included here - I will be happy to add it. Also, if you know of changes to any of the listings (ie. if the restaurant has closed, no longer gluten free options available, etc.), please drop me a line ( and I will update the page accordingly.

    Remember, no matter what restaurant you go to, to always make a point of what your diet requirements are to the serving staff. It is beyond important to make sure that the people serving you are aware that you cannot have any cross-contamination. So don't be shy, be direct and let them know of your dietary needs.



    1. Just back from Belfast- happy to report that the wonderful Ginger Bistro has coeliac options on their menu & even a choice of desserts, neither of which is fruit salad!!! George's St market has a stall with gf tarts: pear or apple frangipane or pecan, quite delicious- open Fridays & Saturdays

    2. It's really hard to eat at anywhere if you're gluten intolerant.

    3. Hello,
      You MUST add Café Bar Deli to your list, the Cork one anyway... I've eaten in a Dublin one before and loved it, but long ago before I had any problems with gluten, so I have no idea if they're as good as the one in Cork though I hope so. Anyway I ate there recently and it was brilliant, most of their rather large menu is available GF, including desserts! I had a wonderful lunch there recently and the staff really seemed to know what they were doing. I didn't feel like a fusspot bringing attention on myself, they were evidently experienced with coeliacs so it all flowed very easily. I've only eaten out twice since going GF but that's one of the biggest issues for me. I get very uncomfortable drawing attention to myself and that lunch didn't make me feel that way.

    4. Galway City - 37 West Café, Newcastle Road - Gill prides herself on providing gorgeous, gluten-free food, Definitely worth a visit!