Friday, 17 May 2013

Coeliac Awareness Week

Just in case you missed it - this week is Coeliac Awareness Week. All week I have been linking coeliac diagnosis stories from great coeliac/gluten free bloggers from around the web on my Facebook page I know I am a gluten intolerant, but I think it is really important to raise awareness about coeliac disease as it is something that should be taken very seriously.

Just in case you missed them - I have linked them here. Each story is so different and great to read. I love the honesty and the personal nature of these stories. If they help one person go to their GP and get themselves checked out for coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, or any illness that may be mysteriously affecting their lives, then all the better. All these stories are incredible. Grab yourself a cup of tea and get reading!

Day 1
The first blog is from the wonderful gluten free site. She has just published a very personal post about her struggle with health and diagnosis of coeliac disease: 

Day 2
Tuesday's story comes from the fantastic Little Missed Gluten blog. Another amazing story that needs to be read. How she managed to get her diagnosis and what happened:

Day 3
The third day I linked from the excellent Gluten Free By The Sea blog. Kevin's road to diagnosis and his initial isolation and following acceptance and coping with coeliac disease is a great read:

Day 4
Thursday's story came from Annie's Supperclub This is her father's story and if there is any one diagnosis story to read - it is this one. Very moving and personal. This story shows just how important it is to get the diagnosis right:

Day 5
Friday's diagnosis story comes from the amazing The Happy Coeliac Sam's struggle with getting her diagnosis is worth reading:

Check out my Gluten Free Blog Love page for many brilliant coeliac/gluten free blogs that are worth following and reading.

Gluten Free Guerrillas published this image on their facebook page this week. If you suffer from any one or more of these symptoms, get yourself to the doctor and ask for a blood test to check for Coeliac Disease. You owe it to yourself.

Copyright Gluten Free Guerillas

Also Gluten Free Guerrillas published an announcement on their Facebook page

'Join in our 1st TweetChat #CoeliacChat 'Beyond the Gut' with Robyn our Coeliac Nutritionist on Sat 4-5pm. For Coeliac Awareness Week we'd like to end on a high by sparking debate on Coeliac Disease & busting some myths. We'd love you to share the questions you'd like us to help answer along with other Guerrillas that join the debate.

After all not all Coeliacs have bloating or bowel problems. Not all Coeliacs feel better on a GF diet... We want to discuss & debate the questions you all want to know; why is my skin so bad, when will my infertility improve, what vitamins & minerals can support my immune system?

So comment below: with your key question? Are you a Coeliac who doesn't have bowel problems. What would you like us to discuss? See you on Sat @gfguerrillas peeps!'

So if you're on twitter - join in this Saturday! 

Hat tip to Veronica's Snacks who ran a munchy goodness gluten free hamper giveaway on their Facebook page during this week for Coeliac Awareness. I also received a complimentary happiness hamper from them. I will blog a product review of their crisps soon.

This week really helped me feel part of a wider and supportive gluten free community. The whole point of Coeliac Awareness Week is exactly that - to bring AWARENESS to the public about coeliac disease. The main aim is to listen to your body. If you are unwell all the time, always on antibiodics, needing to go to the doctor, sometimes it takes longer for you to get over a cold, or injuring yourself and not healing as 'normally' as expected, or constantly under the weather, or something just not feeling right with you - go to your GP. Suck it up! (I mean that in the nicest way possible!) but man-up and get that blood test. If anything, at least it will help you on the road to the right diagnosis you need to get you well. So with those final words - stay healthy and spread the word!

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