Monday, 19 November 2012

The Terrible Twos

So my blog has made it to two years old! Even I'm impressed! It feels like only yesterday I was celebrating its first birthday (It's A Blog's Life It has been a pretty good year. I've had my blog posts picked up and published on various sites and my following has actually increased. I'm so very flattered and thankful. It still shocks me that anyone would bother reading and following my blog, so once again, I thank everyone of you who reads, supports, contributes and puts up with my ramblings here and on my Twitter and Facebook page too. It makes gluten free living easier and friendlier and quite frankly, a happier experience.

To celebrate its second birthday, I've decided to treat my blog to a mini-makeover. I've included a couple of new pages which you may like to have a look at.

The first page is 'Who Is The GFP?' which is essentially me introducing myself and explaining how I came about becoming gluten free. You're welcome to leave a comment on the page or not, or to not read it at all (no pressure!). I just felt that if I'm going to stick around in the blogosphere for a little while that I should at least have the courtesy to let people know who's behind The GFP. A virtual handshake, if you will.

The second page is 'Looking For A Little Help?' This is basically a revamped, better version of my old 'Clue Me In' page. I've added some new links which I think are worth listing and have made it more of a resource page now, rather than a random links page. I've categorised the links, which should make it easier to navigate and to find what you're looking for.

The third page I've added is 'Gluten Free Blog Love' I think this might be the most useful page on my blog. It's a list of gluten free/coeliac blogs found from all over the blogosphere. It's a great way to connect with other gluten free folk and there is no better way to feel that you are not the only one struggling to manage a speciality diet. If you want to add to the page, please feel free to mention the blog you want to see listed in the comments section at the bottom of the page and I will update the blogroll as needed.

My 'Eat Out' and 'Off The Shelf' pages are really the only sections of my blog that need a proper update. I'm hoping to get around to this soon. There are a few more decent Irish artisanal gluten free producers out there that I definitely want to add and some eateries that need to be listed too. It might be a new year resolution for me at this point! Feel free to leave a comment on either/both pages if you know of or are an Irish GF producer/eatery/restaurant/etc., that should/would like to be added. The more listings the better. I'm also thinking of including a UK page too, just for simple cross-over reasons, but I need to see how much interest there would be for this.

The fabled beer blog that I've been mentioning over the past while, does indeed exist. I'm hoping to get it finished soon. I keep hoping! It's a bit time consuming and requires a panel of fellow beer drinkers to be in the same place at the same time, so I can get decent feedback for the blog. I'll get it sorted eventually.

So Happy Birthday to my blog. Another year older and another year (a bit) wiser.


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