Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Celebrate Your Local Irish Gluten Free & Gluten Free Friendly Business

To follow on from my earlier post this month 'Are You Gluten Free Friendly?' I put out a call to fellow gluten free folk to mention Irish businesses who go out of their way to look after the gluten intolerant and coeliac population. I was tweeted, emailed and facebook messaged and here is a list of noteworthy businesses out there who are doing their bit to making gluten free living a little easier. 

 - Cafe Royal Waterford recommended to me by Beatrice Payet. Everyday there is gluten free soup and gluten free bread available. There is also a choice of up to five gluten free desserts! More information about them can be found on their facebook page here:

- Granny Maddocks Pantry, Gluten and Wheat Free Bakery were recommended to me by the Cafe Royal Waterford, as that is who supplies all their gluten free goodies to their cafe. I already have them listed on my 'Off The Shelf' page, but they are definitely worth another mention. Their facebook page can be found here: Check them out! 'LOVE Irish Food' :) 

- Antoinette's Bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery recommended to me by Sinéad Vaughan, who owns and runs this Dublin based bakery. In her own words, "Antoinette's Bakery is 100% gluten free 24/7 365 days no exceptions! Available at The Continental Food Fair at the Square, Tallaght, The Stillorgan Market and The SuperNatural Food Market. I also supply to Cinnamon in Ranelagh and The Lovely Food Co in Terenure! Anyone is free to get in touch to place an order. Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, cupcakes, you name it I'll bake it!" Her website is here: and you can find her on facebook here: 'LOVE Irish Food' :) 

- Gookies as everyone who follows my blog knows, is one of my favourite convenient gluten free foods and Muriel Coughlan who is the creator of this amazing product took the opportunity to promote her amazing fresh gluten free cookie dough, in her own words, "I have to give Gookies a mention, the Triple Choc Cookie Dough got 1 Gold star and the Natural Flavour Cookie Dough got a 2 Star at the Great Taste Awards 2012. All four flavours are now award winners at the Great Taste Awards 2011 & 2012." Wow! If that is not enough to tempt you to go and try Gookies, I don't know what can. I already have Gookies listed on my 'Off The Shelf' page. The Gookies website is here: and the facebook page is here: 'LOVE Irish Food' :) 

- Ecodirect - The Gluten Free Shop threw in their two cents as a great gluten free resource and I could not agree more. Visit my 'Off The Shelf' page to see in better detail of how great I think they are. An incredible gluten free Irish business who are dedicated to helping and providing for the gluten free population. Their website is here: and you can follow them on facebook here: 

- Ecodirect recommended Pregos Restuarant in Lucan. "They have proven over the years that they can meet the needs of the discerning coeliac. Taking on board customer feedback, they recently made a lot of improvements in almost all aspects of their business. They LOVE coeliacs, LOVE doing gluten free well, and are in it for the long haul." What more can you ask for? Excellent recommendation. You can find Pregos at Ballyowen Shopping Centre, Lucan, Co Dublin. 

- Emma recommended Yamamori Izkaya on George's Street, Dublin 2 and Pyg Resturant in Powerscourt, Dublin 2. "I'm very happy to say they offered plenty of gluten free options and were both delicious and I got a wee cake in Lolly and Cooks in George's Arcade so I am a very happy camper :) I love when items are labelled on the menu as gf, it just gives that extra bit of confidence that they know what they're talking about." Excellent to hear of so many options to hand in Dublin when dining out. 

- Rebecca recommended The Twelve Hotel in Barna, Co. Galway: "It is great for gluten free options, they've opened up a pizza parlour with gluten free pizzas too and they're delicious. Menlo Park Hotel Galway City is excellent with over 80% of their menu gluten free. McSwiggans in Galway City is also great for gluten free options." Always delighted to hear of venues who are going out of their way to cater for the gluten free population. Great recommendations! 

- Sinéad recommended, Credo pizza on Montague Street (across from Whelans). "Takeaway only but have a completely separate kitchen and staff for gluten free." Their website is Their facebook page is Amazing GF pizza, brilliant! 'LOVE Irish Food' :) 

- The Gluten Free Food Market, in their own words, "Welcome to the 'Gluten Free Food Market', the [online] gourmet food market that presents you with wonderful foods that have been selected purely for their taste, quality and texture and all of which happen to be gluten free! We hope you enjoy your visit and that we will see you soon again! Bon Appetit" Their website is - More gluten free food to be found online, sounds good to me! Another great GF resource! 

- Firehouse Pizza, in their own words, "Hi we're a pizza delivery service who cater for coeliacs, extensive menu to choose from! Ballymun, Dublin" Their website is here: and they have a facebook page you can follow here:' LOVE Irish Food' :)

Are you a gluten free business who is looking to be certified gluten free in your restaurant/bakery, etc.? You need to contact the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) in order to become 'certified gluten free'. This is an important thing to do as they are the ONLY agency who can grant certification for your business. You can contact them via this link here:

Thank you to the fine people and businesses who sent in suggestions to me. It is  heartening to see that despite the difficulty of living on a gluten free diet, there seems to be some people out there who are genuinely going out of their way to provide for the coeliac and gluten free population in need. To all those businesses and people making the difference in the GF world, THANK YOU! You are all stars and deserved to be recognised. Please keep on keeping on. Without you my (and everyone's!) gluten free world would be less bright.

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