Friday, 14 October 2011

Dingle Rocks!

Now that all the hoopla has died down about The Dingle Food Festival, I finally get a chance to sit and blog about it properly. I was tempted to wing up a load of photos and endless praise, but decided to give myself some some time before I did exactly that, perhaps with a little more thought behind what I am going to say. 

The idea of going to The Dingle Food Festival was back at the beginning of September when I was actually in Dingle at the time. I passed a large poster advertising the food festival declaring something along the lines of, 'A food festival, in Dingle, need I say more?' I thought that would be nice to go to, but really didn't think about it seriously until the IFBA put up a mention on their site. Aoife from 'I Can Has Cook' had put out a call to food bloggers to head down to the food festival for the weekend and the rest as they say, is history.

What a weekend it was. Before I begin my ramblings of how great a time I had, I have to give a shout-out to Aoife at I Can Has Cook, to thank her for helping to arrange and organise a brilliant weekend for myself and fellow food bloggers. It was lovely to meet her and the other food bloggers. See Aoife's excellent blog about her experience in Dingle for the food festival here:

We (myself, my husband and daughter), arrived Friday mid-afternoon with our appetites in tow. Once settled into our B&B, we headed straight back out again to The Dingle Brewing Company where there was a showcase of local foods that were going to be available throughout the weekend at the various markets and along the taste trail. What a way to begin a festival. Surprisingly, there were plenty of gluten free options available. Between taking pictures, meeting new people and looking after my daughter I managed to fill-up on enough food to keep me satisfied until dinner.

Ahhh dinner... speaking of which, we headed to An Canteen very early in the evening for what turned out to be an incredible feast. Hats off to the chef, Niall O'Conchuir. He cooks incredible food. I mean it's the type of cooking you wish you could produce from your kitchen everyday and he makes it look easy. The food is seasonal and local and because it is good food, it lends itself to being naturally gluten free. I walked in without calling in advance and I was able to fill-up on a most excellent gluten free feast. So delicious and I look forward to going back when I visit Dingle again.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning.  My family and I had the great priviledge to be part of an ice cream masterclass with Kieran Murphy of Murphys Ice Cream He made for us his Olive Oil Brownies, recipe for which can be found on his blog here: (gluten free, yay!), amazing Extreme Hot Chocolate, which uses Carragheen seaweed to thicken the milk and of course he made ice cream. I was really interested to learn that he cooks using weight rather than volume, simply because I do the reverse. I prefer to cook and bake using volume. He finds that there is more of a 'consistency' in measurements when he is making ice cream using weights. I think I'll definitely take this on board when I get around at attempting my own homemade ice cream one day. It was an amazing masterclass and I was really happy to be part of it. My daughter was especially delighted, being 5 years old, her world revolves around ice cream (and she got to lick the spoon when he finished making the Olive Oil Brownies)!

Afterwards we headed off to the food markets and picked up loads of amazing food. I was especially delighted to see Foods of Athenry with their incredible range of gluten free foods for sale, The Cake Stand had their mouth watering macarons available and there were many other gluten free foods on display. Quite frankly, I was surprised and delighted to see so much variety of food available that was gluten free.

The rest of the day and all of Sunday was then spent on the food trail. You purchase a book of tokens which you then exchange for food in any shops/cafés/restaurants/hotels that were taking part throughout the town. Honestly, a food trail that includes barbecued kangaroo on a skewer, spit roast pig with fresh apple sauce, dessert wines and matching desserts, champagne sorbet with strawberries covered in dark chocolate, buckwheat crepes with caramel sauce or apple compote and so much more, is the perfect way to spend a weekend. I ate and ate and ate and ate and ate some more. What a festival.

Of course The Dingle Food Festival was host to the Blas na hÉireann Food Awards I was particularly delighted to see that Gookies won a bronze award for their Gluten Free Cranberry & White chocolate chip cookie dough, Pure Foods picked up a silver for their flourless brownies and The Cake Stand won a silver for their vanilla macarons. You can find the full listing of who won the awards here:

It was an incredible weekend. Really well put together and this festival will definitely warrant a return next year. I can't wait, I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms. It  all comes down to three words - I Love Dingle


  1. oops - sorry about that ....
    Welcome back! I wish that I had been there.
    The photos are grand - Can the food have tasted as good as the photos make them look?

  2. Great blog Kelly the place looks divine and the food even moreso!

  3. We had a fantastic time too! So great meeting you guys at Murphy's. I hope we'll reconnect soon.

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Very interesting that there was such an array of GF foods on offer. The times they are a-changing.


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