Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Updates & Exciting News

So I haven't been the most diligent of bloggers as of late! I have been busy though...

Okay first things first, welcome to all my new readers and followers! I'm flattered that anyone would find my blog worth reading, so thank you for your virtual company :)

I have updated my pages - woo! If you haven't noticed, the 'Eat Out' page is now in alphabetical order by county. Hopefully making it a little easier to navigate. A few more eateries have been added too, so slowly but surely coming along.

The 'Clue Me In!' page has had more links added - have a look!

'Off The Shelf' has had a few more tasty gluten free foods added to the page. I'm aware that Eco Direct (also featured on this page), have recently begun a new e-newsletter. If you have already had dealings with Eco Direct you probably have already received their first instalment. It's a great source of information and it seems they are featuring deals for coeliac friendly restaurants and new products that are being introduced to their shop. If you haven't received it and are interested, I suggest you contact them either through this link HERE or give them a call at (01) 620 5053.

I have published a new page called 'Cups For Cooking'. I've put this up to make converting my recipes that I publish a little easier. There's also a convenient link on this page that will lead you to a site that converts everything you can possibly cook with, into weights.

Now for the exciting news - I have an amazing giveaway that I'm in the middle of organising. I have arranged to have some superb 'prizes' and am really looking forward to getting it going. Once I have the logistics finalised, hopefully sometime this week, I shall run the giveaway through my blog and facebook page. I'm genuinely delighted with the generosity of the businesses that have donated to this. All details to be revealed (very) soon...!

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  1. ooo how exciting! can't wait! love all your updates, really impressed with your 'tabs' it makes your blog so easy to navigate, lovely :) x

  2. hi! Great to see you back in action on your blog! Your accident sounded horrendous. Thank God everything turned out ok-ish.
    Wanted to tell you that after reading about Hobarts on your 'Eat Out' page I gave it a go and wrote about it today. I find it so exciting when you can eat out allergy free -especially novelty foods like pancakes! Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Thanks Aurea :)
    Yay! Hobarts is such a great little breakfast joint. I'm delighted to hear that they can accomodate a wide range of allergy free diets. I didn't realise they offered dairy free & vegetarian as well as the gluten free options - how brilliant is that! I remember coming across them last year (when I was on a hunt for gluten free beer!), and being so pleased to discover somewhere to eat that wasn't off the beaten path. Thank you so much for the mention in your blog post :)


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