Sunday, 23 January 2011

Time Out

Okay, I admit this particular blog entry is an entirely indulgent exercise for me, it's mostly pictures and not so much about gluten free food... you have been warned!

I was at The Canal Café at The Village At Lyons, located between Newcastle and Celbridge, this weekend. The café itself does not really cater for coeliacs, but that shouldn't stop you from dropping by for a cup of tea or coffee, or some of their amazing lemonade. There is one thing on the menu they do have that is genuinely gluten free and that is a chocolate cake, which is rather lovely and whose recipe belongs to Clodagh McKenna. It is her name on all the food served there and I'm reliably told that the food is superb. She also runs cookery classes just across from the café, though again, these classes do not cater for the gluten free diet. My daughter was kindly given a piece of home-made brownie that was freshly baked by the children's cookery class that had finished that afternoon, just as we were about to leave. Lucky girl. 

We dropped by to have a snoop around the Village to enjoy the surroundings and a cup of tea, which for me was of course accompanied by a slice of the gluten free chocolate cake. Nice. My husband had a scone which looked utterly yummy. Jealous.

I wandered around the grounds afterwards. The place lends itself to being photographed. A really pleasant, beautiful area. Quite peaceful.

So if you're looking for a cup of tea and a quiet corner to think, or be with friends, this is the place to come. It made me think twice about writing off a venue just because the menu isn't for you. Sometimes, it's not just about the food, but also about the atmosphere and company you're with that can make a place great.

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